my credo
« Our fine arts were instituted, and their types as well as their uses established, during a time quite distinct from ours, by human beings whose power of action over things was insignificant compared to what we possess. But the astonishing increase of our means, the dexterity and the precision which they have attained, the ideas and the habits which they have introduced, augur imminent and profound changes in the antique industry of the Beautiful. There exists in all arts a physical element which can no longer be regarded or dealt with as before, which cannot be exempted from the enterprise of modern knowledge and power. »

« Neither matter, nor space, nor time are what they had always been some twenty years ago. We may expect that such great innovations are transforming all the technique of art, acting thereby on invention itself, and additionally perhaps already modifying the very notion of art to an astounding degree. »

[Paul Valery]